Type: One-Time Fee

Price: RM25

Why Paying Deposit

The deposit RM25 is to be paid by students before enrollment in Ai Tuition’s weekly normal classes. Ai Tuition will use it temporarily to cover the tuition if there are issues with your tuition fee in the future. And students get a refund of RM 25 when they graduate.

*Method to collect the refundable deposit*

The deposit (RM25) will be refunded when you are no more taking tuition.

Method 1️⃣ The deposit will be deducted from the last month’s tuition fee.
Method 2️⃣ Students can collect the deposit at the counter after graduation.
Method 3️⃣ We will transfer the deposit to students who paid the deposit via bank if the student doesn’t use Method 1. For this method, students have to submit the form at https://forms.gle/1GVdnwWUKTJDoSm87.

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