“In short,
To pass = 40% effort
To pass = 12.47% effort + KK LEE
To get an A = 75%effort
To get an A = 49.63% effort + KK Lee

From the equations above, KK LEE is not a constant, but this question has a unique solution, join KK LEE’s class to find out the answer …”

STPM 2015 student, Ai Tuition Centre



“I think Mr. Lee’ s teaching is simple to understand. He has complete notes for every chapter and he is a very patient teacher. He is probably the most dedicated maths t teacher I’ve met for he has a website so amazing which is all abt maths and this website really help me a lot in finding solutions and information.”

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Wong Shin Yin

“KK LEE is a responsible and hardworking teacher, he always give us many exercise to do and we can check the answer through his website to know our mistake. Besides, he always do revision with us before exam so that we can recall back the things that we learned.”

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Loi Li Hua

“Before i started tuition with KK Lee, it is very hard for me to remember all the math’s formula. After i started attending KK Lee classes, my math improve very much. KK Lee give us many exercise and he will explain all the example he given in detail. Now, math is not a subject that i cant handle. Thank you, KK Lee.”

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Lian Jia Yi

“KK LEE is really responsible. Everytime I face problem when solving maths questions, I Whatsapp him and he surely reply even at 2:00am, HAHAHA. He never give answer directly to me, he guides me to think myself to solve problems. This method made me to be able to think and solve maths during exam. KK LEE are the most

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Wong Shin Yik

“Mr Tk leong is a good and experienced teachers. He follow syllabus and draw interesting pictures to make us more understand. His notes is very short and useful.”

read more

Chong Kai Yi

“He is like a genius, he can calculate anything without using calculator. Yes for sure. If you face any maths problem, you can just whatsapp him and he will reply as soon as possible. And he prepared lots of exercises and answers as well for his students. Go for him. Mr. Kk Lee. The best maths T teacher in the world.”

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Loon Ann Ni

“When i first attended Mr Lee’s class, I was amazed by his calculator skills and his speed in everything he did in class was basically the same high speed. Every second in class was spent wisely and no procrastinating. Therefore, do attend KK Lee’s tuition and master his brilliant method of solving mathematics questions 🙂

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Chin Ser Ling

“老师教的都容易明白!上课时还不会有闷的感觉,感觉上1个小时45分的课一下子就上完了,也有很多问题准备给学生做!Funny teacher,funny class!”

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“I will recommend kklee as ur maths t tuition teacher because he only teach what in syllabus and help us how to score in our exam. His notes and his website is very useful like me that not good in maths I can get all the answer from his website. I attended his math class since form 4 until form 6. I’m very glad that I can meet this teacher. I

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Tee Hong Hee 郑匡宇

“1)没有原因阻止我来补习,只是ai tuition在我地区知名度不是很高,直到sem 2听朋友介绍才有机会接触。不然sem 1一定去了。

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Tan Sze Teng

“After getting recommended by friends and attending the classes, surprisingly its more easier to understand what I’m actually learning. I always try my best not to skip any lesson because I know it will be harder for me to understand the lesson without any explanation from KK Lee. I would also recommend KK Lee tuition to friends

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“1) I had worries if your method of teaching wasnt gonna suit me because my previous maths tuition teacher’s method of teaching didnt suit me at all. 2) After i started attending your class, i feel very happy because i felt that i have finally found the right teacher to teach me maths. And what has pleased me most about your class is your

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Lau Chuan Li

“Mr Lee Kian Keong is a very good math teacher, the ways he used to teach is profound and comprehensive. He summarized our syllabus and tell us what to focus and which topic should be skipped because they were not included in form 6 syllabus, which saved me a lot of time and study smart. He also teaches plenty of ways to score

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Chan Xin Yi

“I’d never regretted attending KK Lee’s classes. I was really really really weak in maths initially but after start attending KK Lee’s classes, I found that maths is much more interesting and easier than I thought. He gave a lot of past year questions and practices to strengthen our skills, he also taught us how to solve those ridiculously tricky

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“Thank you sir for being a great maths teacher for us.. There is always a solution whenever student asking a question.. One thing I like the most is the cover page of every booklet..I would recomend KK Lee tuition to friends because he always has his own way to solve our problem even without CALCULATOR ..”

read more

Chan Kar Lok

“Mr. Lee is really patient in teaching Math. I always WhatsApp him when I was stuck for any Math question. Every time he will guide me to solve the problem but not to tell me the answer directly. He lets students to think. So that I can solve the similar question by myself next time. I recommend Kklee’s tuition cz he is really a good teacher.”

read more

Fion Lee

“Before I start tuition, I really have problem in keeping up with my study in school, but after I have my tuition with KK Lee, I managed to understand the lesson well and keep up alot in school, with all the practise provided at tuition centre.The lesson also full of laughter, not like those teacher which give stress for good result. I really like

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Tam Kai Ling

“Regretted to start Maths T tuition with KK Lee only on Sem 2. He helps us to build the much-needed solid foundation Maths’ disciplines before going to university. I like how he offers multi-angle learning even for a short question that may seem easy. Understanding is very important in Maths and this dedicated teacher never fail to

read more

Lau Xiu Yi

“Lau Xiu Yi recommends STPM Biology Tuition at AI Tuition centre or else I do not know where to get such an awesome sir, TK LEONG”

read more

Hew Shu Ying

“Mr. Leong is an excellent teacher. He taught me since form 5 and I think he is the best Biology teacher I ever had. His lessons are very interesting and you’ll never feel bored in his class! His way of explanation are easy to understand and when he starts to draw/write on the board, you better start to jot down! The notes are very useful

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Goh Kah Jin

“My STPM Math T result
Sem one (with kk lee ) B ——> retake (with kk lee ) A-
Sem two (without kk lee ) C ——> retake (with kk lee ) B+
Sem three (with kk kee ) A-

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Hing Ren Hau

“TK LEONG’s note and drawings are all you need to score for exams. Listening to him and copying his drawings makes everything in Biology link together. He helps students to understand and not only memorize. Understanding in biology is important to score. Without his help, I wouldn’t be able to score for my exams.”

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Ch’ng Hj

“Distance from the tuition centre to my house is quite far for me, but I still went there! It is such a wasting time to go there, which needed an hour to KL by KTM from our school or my house. Anyway, I have a gang of friends accompanying me to there!

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Melissa Asha Larsson

“Before attending tuition classes from Mr. Lee, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to catch up with the lesson due to the overcrowded class. However, after attending his class, I have come to realise that he is able to teach in such a way that everybody in the class understands, regardless of the amount of students present. He also teaches

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Seah Pui Yian

“1. Before I started tuition with kklee, the concern might have prevented I from attending his classes is I thought he was fierce. Mathematics lesson was boring and might make you to doze off easily because you don’t understand anything in it.

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Fong Jun Jen

“Before I start tuition, i was worried that teachers will not be good or not suit my learning style as i am a slow learner and all my school teacher does was keep on rushing syllabus which did not really care about whether you understand what are they talking about or not. After my 1st trial class with KKLEE i find his class is quite slow as

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Tan Ren Yuan

“1) So far there are no concerns for me since Ai located nearby my school area and it’s just a short distance from my school to the centre.
2) A lotta thing surprised me, the way of teaching, simple yet to be understood. Question is open to be asked at

read more

Ong Wei Jun

“I started AI Tuition during my Sem 3.
After attending the classes, I regret starting the tuition here late. I should’ve join earlier during Sem 1 and I am sure my results will be a lot better. I would definitely recommend AI Tuition because good tutors and lots of questions with

read more

Hui Qi

“I have only heard of your class after i met my friends. They joined since sem1 or sem 2 and have recommended it to me. After joining your class, i found out that it’s quite easy to catch up and i enjoyed your classes. I would recommend it to my friends so that they are able to revise and understand better in studies with the help of tuition classes.”

read more

Jia Yin

“Nothing really prevented me from going to your tuition, i always go around and try the tuition teacher. Maybe its because i was a kasturi student where we get to choose among teachers. i usually try out all the teachers of a certain subject and stay for the best. i gave it a shot and tried your tuition,and you made me and my friends stay after your first lesson.

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