FREE revision classes for all Ai Tuition students

School holiday is coming soon. We are conducting extra classes during March school holiday. Click the subjects below to view the schedule.

Normal classes are as normal. No cancellation for normal classes.

Biology Term 2 Topical Revision
17 March 2016 Thursday 3.00pm-6.00pm
Mathematics (T) Term 2 Differentiation Past Year Techniques
Class 1 : 17 March Thursday 10.00am-12.00pm

Class 2 : 18 March Friday 9.30am-11.30am


Mathematics (T) Term 2 Integration Past Year Techniques
Class 1 : 17 March Thursday 12.30pm-2.30pm

Class 2 : 18 March Friday 12.00pm-2.00pm


Physics Term 2 Extra Class
18 March 2016 Friday. 12.00pm-3.30pm
Chemistry Term 2 Extra Class for Chapter Thermochemistry and Electrochemistry
20 March 2016 Sunday 9-12pm

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