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We are offering

SPM Tuition
Intensive – Bahasa Melayu, Biology, Additional Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

STPM Tuition
Term 1 – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics (T), Mathematics (M), Perakuanan
Term 3 – Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics (T), Physics, Mathematics (M), Perakuanan

A LEVEL Tuition
AS A2 – Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Physics


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Advanced Technology

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STPM TERM 1 Timetable

SPM Form 4 Form 5 Timetable

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Meet the team

KK LEE and his team have an average of more than 10 years' experience between teaching SPM, STPM and A level classes to students ages range from 16 to 50.

STPM TERM 3 Timetable

A LEVEL Timetable

How can we register at your centre?

Ai Tuition Centre do provide 2 methods of registration. You can register at our counter or you can register online at aituition.com.

Any registration fees need to be pay at the point of registration?

Yes, there is registration fees charges need to be paid during registration. If you register at our centre counter, the registration fees will be RM30 whereas If you register online through our website, the registration fees will be RM15 only.

Do you provide any trial class?

Yes. All subjects are available for trial class. Students are welcomed to request for trial class before they pay the tuition fee.

What if a student joins in the middle of the month?

The tuition fees will be charged only for half month plus the registration fee.

Do you offer refund?

We cannot offer refunds for the classes that were missed unless there is a special reason of class cancellation from the centre (T&C apply).

What if I cannot attend for the class I have registered

You can arrange your timetable accordingly based on our flexible timetable. For example, the same subject may be offer at any other timing within the same week.

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