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Crystal Goh STPM Chemistry Booklet Answer

Term 2

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I started attending Crystal Goh class during Sem 2. Im weak in chemistry and I dnt get good results in Sem 1. After attending Crystal Goh classes, I found that chemistry becomes easy and interesting. The methods that Crystal Goh teaches us really useful. Especially the methods to memories organic chemistry. And now organic chemistry becomes one of my favourite topics. I attended the retake class for Sem 1 chemistry, the ways Crystal Goh explained made me more understand towards Sem 1 chemistry and finally I get an A for the retake paper. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to her for her guidance throughout my STPM, thank you!

Lian Jia Yi

STPM 2015, Ai Tuition Centre

I recommend STPM Chemistry at Ai Tuition Centre by Crystal Goh because she is very patience to answer our doubts. The notes that she prepared are also very simple yet detailed, very straight forward so that I don’t need to spend a lot of time to revise everything. She taught us to solve different type of tricky questions by giving us a lot of exercises as well as past year questions. She also gave us supports and encouraging words so that we are always positive to face the exams and troubles.

Chan Xin Yi

STPM 2015, Ai Tuition Centre

Some of the student might have question about Crystal Goh experience because she looks young. The way that Crystal Goh teaching is a bit different which she did not follow the sequence of the textbook. Especially organic chemistry yet i learn more easier in this way. Thats why i go for Crystal Goh because of her creative teaching method which i cannot get it from any others experience chemistry teacher. She always trying to find the easier way for us to understand and not force students to understand on her own way.

Goh Kah Jin

STPM 2015, Ai Tuition Centre

Won’t sleep in class, funny class XD


STPM 2014, Ai Tuition Centre

Crystal Goh is a good teacher. She is good in teaching. When you attend to her class , you does not feel sleepy because she is humor. What she teach in the class will go into the mind and remember. I appreciate that I meet crystal Goh as my chemistry teacher in form 6 life 🙂


STPM 2014, Ai Tuition Centre

The class is quite interesting, I learnt extra new stuffs from her. There are rooms for improvement and hope there are more for exercises for practices in the future.

Chai Chuan May

STPM 2015, Ai Tuition Centre

Your note and explanation is awesome. After attending your class, i can finally clear all my confusion for chemistry. However, 1 class for 1 week is not enough. My suggestion is try to extend the time of tuition class so that we can understand it before the school exam.


STPM 2015, Ai Tuition Centre

To be honest, Crystal Goh is one the best chemistry tutor! Had fun and great time while attending her classes because her way of teaching was simply amazing! Furthermore, notes, useful tips and the practices given during her classes really helped me to achieve better results! Highly recommended!

Chew Chee Sian

STPM 2014, Ai Tuition Centre

In my opinion, I think Crystal Goh is a very good teacher in Chemistry. She is very helpful to her students and try to help out as much as she can. She is also a very friendly person that we can actually share out our problems to her. Besides, you will won’t be feeling sleepy when in her class as she provides interesting question from her and explained to us in easy and detailed way. In nutshell, she is an awesome chemistry teacher I ever met.

Sook Yee

STPM 2015, Ai Tuition Centre

I went to AI tuition centre was because of other teacher in the first place. I took up 3 subjects and Crystal Goh turned out to the chemistry teacher coincidently. However, as the time goes by, I realised that Crystal Goh’s notes are very useful. It includes everything in the STPM syllabus and exercises like past years. Her notes are very complete and sufficient enough for me to do my revisions from zero to hero. Not just that, her teaching method is very unique and interesting too, so much so that it makes me look forward to attend her classes every week. Therefore, I strongly encourage those who is lost while finding a suitable chemistry teacher to come to AI tuition, because Crystal Goh is all you need!

Ee Hui En

STPM 2016, Ai Tuition Centre

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